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Welcome fellow

Event Rental Professionals

& On-Line Business Owners!

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I work with entrepreneurs in the Event Rental space that are ready to take steps forward in starting or building their Event Rental Business

The event rental industry does not have much in the way of community, and feel this is does not serve us well.  We as business owners can learn from each other,  even if in the same city.  We can share our wins, our fails and some fun or interesting events.  Collaboration with other like-minded humans is a key ingredient to growing your event rental business at a faster pace then trial and error on your own.

Let's get to know each other...

    What do you have to lose?

Now that you have the opportunity to meet me here on my page, I also hope to meet you. I love to hear about other event rental companies challenges and successes. We learn from both! I have created a community for Event Rental Professionals on FaceBook.

Join us on FaceBook Here & YouTube Here

Join our group of Event Rental Professionals 

Be part of a community that understands your business, and that can offer you help or solutions to what you are facing.  We all know it is a hard business already, so lets be stronger together.

New Book Geared for Event Rental Professionals

More Details coming soon

Learn More About How You Can Run Your Event Rental 

I share what I use and have used to build my business. I share purchasing resources and so much more. We also have a blog, we will share blog articles you write with you named as the author, creating links to your website, which is improves your rankings.

Always Loved the Idea of Starting an On-Line Business?  

I share what I have done so far with building my additional revenue stream here, if this helps you, I will be super happy!

Be Part of the Event Rental Community

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